Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunset from a Parking Garage!

Overlooking Harrisburg from the Walnut Street Parking Garage. Truly a beautiful evening, and a great view of one section of the city. Joel also took this picture. (Abby's been very busy, and working many evenings, so Joel's had the camera more than she has!) This was taken on February 16, 2008.

Winter Sunset in a Small Town

Joel was on a run, and he had the camera, and took this photograph in our small town. A wintery evening on Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Eve Sunset

We haven't spent all that much time out on the balcony lately (but at least we're getting out and about and having fun in life---and having great fellowship with family and good friends!). This picture was taken at my Uncle's farm. We watched the gorgeous sunset all the way from my parents' home to Uncle Terry's farm, and we were so glad we arrived and parked before the sun totally set. We (as a family) decided that it was like a Christmas gift from God! How beautiful!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Beautiful Neighborhood Sunset

This photograph was taken yesterday--by Joel again . . . out on another run, chasing down a good train picture. I thought this was absolutely beautiful! What beauty I miss when I'm fixing supper! (But the family is grateful.)

Along the River

Scott took this picture (not from the balcony!). He and Anna had taken a little excursion (more about that on my blog). They stopped by the Susquehanna River, took a closer look at the miniature "Statue of Liberty" there, and took a few photographs. I thought this one was worthy of publishing on this sunset blog.

On the Outskirts of Town

It's getting cold here in Pennsylvania, and the girls have not been out on the balcony much, especially when the sun is setting. Abby's usually either getting ready for work or at piano lessons at that time. But Joel has continued his running (he runs cross country and wants to stay in shape). When he hears a train, he usually grabs the camera and heads out the door. Still working on getting a good shot of an engine at night (that obsession with trains runs in his blood . . . from both sides of the family---from the males, anyway!).

I was looking at some of the pictures on the camera and came across this one. How beautiful!!!! it was taken on the outskirts of town last week (late November). I get more excited about a photograph like this one than I would of a train engine!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another taken from the moving car, . . . . .

Another one of Abby's pictures taken from the car window. Just beautiful! If people choose not to believe in God, whom do they thank when they see such beauty around them? And just to think that the beauty we see here on earth is just a teeny taste of what our Father has prepared for us to experience for eternity!